Temperature is taking aerial route and looking like that sun is coming closer to us day by day.

We cannot change the climate immediately. But surely we can beat the heat in this summer by implement few technics.

Knowingly or unknowingly we made some mistakes. Sometimes a small mistake can exhaust us.

But we can avoid situations by following some small does and don’ts.

Here we discussed 5 simple ways to beat the heat of this summer season.

1. Rehydrate yourself

First and foremost important thing you have to keep in mind to combat the heat is rehydration.

If you losing water in the form of sweats and if you are not correcting it then you are always vulnerable to sunstroke.

Because dehydration is a serious concern in the summer season.

So keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, fruits, fruits juice, coconut water and Sattu sarbat.

But make sure all the drinks must be prepared in a hygienic way.

2. Choose the drinks wisely

In summer season people generally makes mistakes about choosing right drinks.

Some people use glucose water, there is no logic behind it. It may harm more than any benefit. It will add calories which will increase weight.

Moreover, the prevalence of Diabetes in India is more than another part of the world.

Even Diabetes in Young population is increasing significantly. This glucose intake can quicken the transformation from pre-diabetic to Diabetes.

Some of them take carbonated soda drinks like Thumbs Up, Limca, Coca-Cola, Sprite etc. Which not only a harmful drink it will make you more thirsty and will make you dehydrated.

So, if you go by TV commercials which subconsciously trains your mind that this kind of drinks can prevent your thirst. Then you are surely welcoming metabolic diseases like Diabetes, dyslipidemia, and thyroid diseases along with cancer.

Most people take contaminated Street food and drinks, like sugarcane juice, mango juice etc which must be avoided.

So, please avoid:

  • Glucose water.
  • Contaminated juice like sugarcane juice.
  • Carbonated beverages.
  • Chilled water or drinks.

We should take more:

  • Cold or plain water
  • Fruits and fruits juices
  • Sattoo sarbat
  • Coconut water
  • Oral rehydration salt (ORS)

ORS is only recommended if people have sign and symptoms of hypotension like faintness, dizziness and profuse sweating.

A hypertensive and diabetic patient must avoid ORS because it will increase blood pressure further and even leads to brain stroke.

Above all excessive oily and spicy food should be avoided.

We also need to avoid foods and drinks which prepared in an unhygienic way.

Unhygienic foods can transmit several diseases like gastritis, Hepatitis A (Jaundice) dysentery and typhoid.

3. Cover your body

The best way to beat the heat is to avoid the direct sun exposure, direct sun exposure can cause more damage than the indirect sun. but it may not be possible for all.

Then at least you can cover your body. Use light colour clothes, hat and umbrella.

Try to use full sleeve shirt or T-shirts instead of half sleeve or sleeveless.

Female can cover their head with a beautiful fashionable headscarf, make sure the colour of your all clothes including hat and scarf will be light shades.

Avoid constant sun exposure. If possible, take shelter inside the shade intermittently.

Ultra Violet rays will damage your eyes directly. Wear an ultraviolet ray protective sunglass before going out.

So, next time before going out on hot and humid weather choose your clothes and accessories accordingly. It can help you to combat the heat.

4. Watch the symptoms before collapsed

Despite all the precautions, collapsing is a common phenomenon in hot and humid condition. It’s because of volume depletion and electrolyte imbalance.

It is very important to know the symptoms and signs which appears just before the sunstroke.

It can prevent the sunstroke and or prevents serious injury.

So, watch the signs and symptoms:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Cold and calmy skin
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

If you feel any of above sign and symptoms:

  • If you are operating heavy machinery stop it.
  • If you are driving or riding bike stop it.
  • Take a shelter in shade near you.
  • Put some splash of water on face and both the extremities.
  • Call home of friends and tell about your situation and location.
  • Tell the people around you even he or she is stranger.
  • After taking rest, try to reach nearby doctor, hospital or any health centre.

By watching your alarming symptoms you can avoid any mishaps easily.

5. Avoid quick temperature variation

Air-conditioning is now not a luxury it’s become a necessity today.

Almost everywhere you visit whether it is a hospital, shopping mall, office, bank, ATM all is air-conditioned.

Now our most of the travelling is also in air-conditioned vehicles. Bus, Taxi, private car, even bus stop also become air-conditioned in some cities.

But the problem is if you suddenly enter the air-conditioned area from hot humid weather and vice versa, abrupt temperature changes affects your body badly.

In this situation, you can cool down outside in any shades or something like that before entering the chilled air-conditioned area.

Same should be followed while you exit from the air-conditioned place.

In case of privet car or Taxicab, you can switch off air-conditioners just before two or three minutes before you reach the destination.

It can prevent sudden temperature variation and your body will get time to adjust to it.

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