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5 simple ways to beat the heat in this summer

Temperature is taking aerial route and looking like that sun is coming closer to us day by day. We cannot change the climate immediately. But surely we can beat the heat in this summer by implement few technics. Knowingly or… Continue Reading →

In Jaundice, this 5 mistakes you must avoid

Prevalence of Jaundice in India and subcontinent starts from March and continue to August. But it can happen anytime throughout the year. By definition Jaundice is: ” Yellowish pigmentation of the skin, tissues, and body fluids caused by the deposition… Continue Reading →

Skin Moisturizer: 6 Bad things happen if you avoid it

Moisturizer is the most neglected part of our skin care regimen, and you also agree with us. Most of the people think skin should be moisturized only in winter season. Some people think moisturizer can aggravate acne breakout. But the… Continue Reading →

Glycemic Index and Diabetes

We celebrate world diabetes day on 14th November every year. But awareness about diabetes is still not up to the mark. Lack of information about food items and its Glycemic Index is one of the big reason. Most of the… Continue Reading →

Is bleach good for skin?

Most people ask is bleach good for skin? Almost everyone, men and women irrespectively want to have a flawless, fair, even and smooth skin. Many people regularly bleach their skin for a better look. Whether it is to reduce acne… Continue Reading →

Why DGCI impose ban on online sale of medicines

As e-commerce market is booming in India, online sale of medicines also getting popularity and some of the online medicine seller like PharmEasy, Orbimed, and Netmeds attracted huge foreign investment from venture capitalists. But Drug Controller General of India (DGCI)… Continue Reading →

5 Simple Skin Care Tips That Will Improve Your Skin Dramatically

Everyone wants the flawless, smooth and supple skin. And we tried everything, and still “experiment” is going on. But the reality is too much experiment definitely worse your skin condition. Surprisingly, most of the people rather seek advice from office… Continue Reading →

You should know why Indians are more prone to Diabetes

Indians are more prone to Diabetes because unhealthy diet and so-called “Asian Indian Phenotype” genetic factor. This refers to unique biochemical deformities in Indians which include increased insulin resistance more abdominal obesity. Means higher waist circumference even with lower BMI… Continue Reading →

Hair Care Tips

We always complain that my hair is getting dull or hair quality deteriorating. Generally blame air pollution and some time blame on our own gut also!! Yes, air pollution is among the many, but several facts we are neglecting which… Continue Reading →