Everyone wants the flawless, smooth and supple skin. And we tried everything, and still “experiment” is going on.

But the reality is too much experiment definitely worse your skin condition.

Surprisingly, most of the people rather seek advice from office colleagues, friend, and relative than prefer to visit any cosmetologist or expert.

Some TV commercial also makes you confused, and promise instant result.

And you may have tried everything, but the result is disappointing. Right?

So here are some skin care tips and facts which may help you and also will clear your misconceptions about skin.

1. Feed Your Skin:

I would love to make a list of foods which is special for your skin.

But, the reality is there is no such data available.

And of course, diet has a direct relationship to your skin as your whole body.

I have tried to find some types of foods you should put in your diet.

And some type of foods to avoid.

So, try to follow recommendations below:

Foods that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidant might have positive effects on the skin.

Consider some of these foods for healthy skin:

  • Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables especially Carrot and Apricot
  • All type of leafy green vegetables including spinach
  • Capsicum and Tomatoes
  • Berries- Blueberry, Strawberry
  • Peas, beans, and lentils
  • Fatty fish, Like Salmon, mackerel (Not Fried). Except Hilsa/Ilish.
  • All type of Nuts (Except Cashew)

Some foods seem to be worsening your skin health.

For example, Research suggests that processed and refined carbohydrates and saturated fats. Like fast foods and junk foods quicken skin ageing.

So you need to limit consume these types of foods.

Many of the best foods for skin also have overall health benefits.

So you don’t need focus on specific diet for skin, focus on a healthy diet that will help you every way.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The low-fat or fat-free diet should be your first preference.

Add some seeds, nuts, and beans in your regular diet.

Opt for whole-grain bread instead of flour (Maida).

Limit cold drinks, soda no matter whether it is carbonated or not. It contains a high amount of sugar.

Reduce sugar, salt, ketchup and pizza topping.

And last but most important is water.

Inadequate intake of water can even cause wrinkles and ageing.

For a healthy person, one litter of water per 20KG of body weight.

For example, if your body weight is 60KG then you should take at least three litter of water.

2. Protect yourself from the sun

One of the most important ways to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun.

A two hour of regular sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots, and other skin problems.

Even sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer.

For the complete sun protection:

  • Apply sunscreen: Apply a sunscreen that protects from both; UVA and UVB with minimum SPF of 30 for Indian weather. Sunscreen should reapply in every two hours.
  • Find a shade: Avoid getting exposed to the sun from 10 AM to 4 PM, when the sun reflects more UV rays.
  • Wear clothes that cover your skin: Cover your skin with a full-sleeved dress and use long clothes. Use hats to minimize sun exposure. Sun protection is one the most essential for skin care process.

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking not only responsible for heart and lung disease.

Smoking also makes your skin dull and looks older and also wrinkled quickly.

Smoking narrows the capillary of blood vessels of the skin, which reduces blood flow.

That hamper the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, these are essential for skin health.

Smoking also damages collagen, a protein and elastin which maintain skin’s elasticity and firmness.

The best way to protect your skin is to quit it. Seek help from your doctor to stop smoking.

4. Treat your skin softly

Daily cleansing and shaving in an improper manner can damage your skin.

To keep it smooth and supple you have to keep in mind the below instructions:

  • Reduce bath time: Hot water and long shower time remove moisture from your skin. So, limit your bath time, and use warm instead of hot water.
  • Use syndet soap: Strong soaps and detergents can remove natural moisture from your skin. And it disturbs Skin’s normal ph. Which makes your skin prone to infection. So, use syndet base soap to maintain your skin ph which will protect your skin.
  • Shave carefully: Before shaving, apply shaving cream or foam properly and allow few minutes to soften the hair shafts. Use a hygienic, sharp razor. The direction of shave should be with the hair grows, not against it. Use a moisturizer instead of aftershave lotion. It will prevent dryness of your skin.
  • Pat it dry: After taking bath or washing your face, gently pat dry with a soft and clean towel. It will prevent wiping out the natural moisture from your skin.
  • Moisturize your skin: Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type, for daily use. No matter whether your skin dry or oily. If your skin is acne prone consider a non- comedogenic moisturizer.

5. Manage stress

Uncontrolled stress can make your skin sensitive, trigger acne and another skin ailment.

To maintain healthy skin and a healthy state of mind, manage your stress first.

Set reasonable limits, keep yourself organized and make time to do things you enjoy the most.

The results you can get beyond your expectation.

Please feel free to contact for any questions.

Comment below if you want to add anything or if have any opinion.