Moisturizer is the most neglected part of our skin care regimen, and you also agree with us.

Most of the people think skin should be moisturized only in winter season. Some people think moisturizer can aggravate acne breakout.

But the reality is far away. Don’t worry, we are here to clear all the misconception about moisturizer.

Want to know why it is essential? Here are some valid reasons you should know.

And we are sure after knowing the facts, you will never skip moisturizer.

1. Can develop more wrinkles:

Everone wants the natural wrinkle-free skin. And you may think regular beauty parlour visits can reduce your wrinkles.

But this is not the fact.

If the moisturizer is avoided in the daily routine for the hectic lifestyle, premature ageing can be started. And wrinkles can appear.

Because a low-grade chronic inflammation may occur due to lack of moisture. Which ultimately leads to the break down of collagen and promotes ageing.

2. The existing wrinkles on the skin will worsen:

If you already have the wrinkles on your skin, then before doing anything just start moisturizing.

Yes, hardly using a moisturizer can make your skin dry, dull and will increase your existing wrinkles.

A dehydrated skin shows all the lines in the skin. However, a Hyaluronic Acid containing moisturizer can hydrate and plump up your skin with a natural blush.

Even if you have minor wrinkles then the only moisturizer can sufficient to reduce it.

Don’t worry, it will take time to get the result. Wait for at least two to three month, you will definitely get the result.

3. Skin will appear dull and flaky:

Dry and flaky skin is the common complaint of the people. It worsens in the winter season.

Low humidity in the atmosphere and the dry air strips the lipids of skin which is a protective layer.

Breaking this barrier allows irritants to enter it into the skin. causing redness, scratchy and flakiness. And your skin will look dry and rough.

Sometimes cleft can appear on palms and heels

Only a good moisturizer can prevent water loss from skin, maintain skin barrier function and provides required nutrients.

A hydrated skin can give a healthy radiant look without much effort. You can get this just putting moisturizer regularly.

4. Acne aggravates:

Never heard of this before, right? People who have acne or acne prone skin, generally avoid moisturizer. They think a moisturizer will aggravate the acne.

But the reality is, moisturizer can reduce your acne-problems and keep your skin blemish free. Rather than making your skin oily.

You just have to opt an oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer, along with your acne regimen.

It is readily available in the market. Even you can buy from any online store. But before ordering, read the description carefully. It should be written non-comedogenic.

If you have any confusion, ask them. Most of the online store reply promptly.

You also can seek advice from your dermatologist or cosmetologist. Remember, you may have the problem with some brand, but that doesn’t mean you can skip moisturizer.

Moisturizer is the must for controlling acne.

5. Breaks the protective layer of your skin:

Moisturizer not only makes your skin beautiful. It also builds a protective layer on your skin. Which gives you the protection from dirt, harmful chemicals, pollution, dryness, and dullness.

Some medicines like Isotretinoin, Retinoids, Benzoyl Peroxide, Azelaic Acid and Salicylic Acid makes your skin dry and dull.

Applying an appropriate moisturizer will protect your skin and keep it healthy and beautiful.

6. Above all moisturize can reduce itchiness and dryness:

Itching is not only irritating to us but also some time embarrassing. Dryness is something extremely essential to be prevented, by using a moisturizer you can minimize your itching.

It may not be the only cause, you need to treat it with proper doctor consultation. But sometimes you can get temporary relief by applying a moisturizer.

If all the above five reasons are not enough to force you to use moisturizer just think about this the sixth.

Lastly, if you think your friends and families also need this information, just share it. It may be useful for them too.